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"Aside from the visual attraction, the BonBon has several features that set it apart from the standard vibrator. It’s water resistant and has a simple push button control. The latter feature is worth consideration, especially if you’ve ever had to quickly fumble with some of the more modern power tools and their complex speed and directions controls....The natural contours BonBon is a wonderful addition to your bedside nightstand drawer – next to your emergency stash of dark chocolate!" - 'The Hot List', www.scandalouswomen.com


G-PLUS™ named one of Sue Johanson’s “Top Toys of the Year” for Season 6!

“The natural contours® G-PLUS is an attachment designed for the Hitachi or the natural contours® IDÉAL. The double prongs are for vaginal and clitoral stimulation. At twenty bucks, it is a cheap way to turn a neck massager into a penetrating vibrator, and you know how I like cheap.”

-Sue Johanson
Talk Sex with Sue/ Oxygen Channel, Episode #174
Printed by permission of Talk Sex Productions.


Dr Dick, a clinical sexologist in Seattle, recently called together his “ladies auxiliary” for a product review of the natural contours® line. Following are excerpts from their enthusiastic comments.

On the ÉNERGIE™ Kegel Exerciser
“I want to make sure that all women, especially postpartum or post-menopausal women know about this amazing exerciser.  It will revolutionize their sex life, I promise.”

On the IDÉAL™
“I’ve been the proud owner of a Hitachi Magic Wand for over 10 years….The thing I like the most about the IDÉAL™ is that it is cordless.  It doesn’t run on batteries either.  It’s rechargeable…. The IDÉAL™ is lighter than the Hitachi model….The natural contours® IDÉAL™ vibrator is head and shoulders above the Hitachi in terms of its design…… The grip on the IDÉAL™ fits naturally in my hand.  It’s as comfortable in my right hand as it is in my left.
The natural contours® IDÉAL™ vibrator is my brand new favorite.”

On the G-PLUS™
“The one thing I always thought was lacking in my wand vibrator is that it was for external use only.  Now with this inexpensive natural contours® IDEAL™ G-PLUS Attachment I can change all that.  It’s so simple and practical; I can’t believe no one thought of this before now.”

“I was very impressed with this toy and would recommend it to anyone wanting a sleek, nontraditional looking vibrator.”

To read the entire review, go to: http://www.drdicksexadvice.com/2008/08/22/the-ladies-auxiliary/


"If you are lucky enough to own a HITACHI MAGIC WAND or an IDÉAL™ MASSAGER, then you will really enjoy this attachment called the NATURAL CONTOURS G-PLUS™.

It is flexible and easy to clean – latex-free, phthalate-free, and inexpensive. It's a simple way to adapt ball-headed massagers into penetrating vibrators.

You just can't beat something this simple and practical. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, the NATURAL CONTOURS G-PLUS™ rates 4 briquets."

-Sue Johanson 
Printed by permission of Talk Sex Productions.


"My experience using the G-Plus™ left me a happy camper. Try it, you'll thank me in the morning."

- Dr. Patti Britton


"The newest addition to natural contours' line of vibrators continues the company's tradition of sensual design and top quality manufacturing while offering a much more powerful massager for anyone looking for more speed and durability…. a brilliant ergonomic handle that lets you control the placement and pressure of the vibrator with greater precision than larger electric models."

- Cory Silverberg
Luxury Sex Toy Christmas Gifts for the Holidays


“By far the best toy to come across my desk this season.” (Natural Contours G-PLUS™)

- Joseyvogels.com
December 6th, Best Gifts of the Season


“When natural contours partnered with the designers of the Fokker Aircraft Cockpit (we’re getting aroused), no surprise they came up with something sleek, functional and ergonomic.” (about the natural nontours Manifique™)

Marie Claire Magazine
-“The Work of Art”


“We had great expectations for this device, and now that we’ve tested it, we can happily say it has exceeded them all.” (On the natural contours G-PLUS)

-Adult Novelty Business


“This is the real dream machine. I'd give it 5 briquets but the upper limit is 4, so that is what this natural contours IDÉAL Massager gets. Sorry crew – I'm keeping this one.”

Sue Johanson
Talk Sex with Sue
-Printed by permission of Talk Sex Productions. For complete review go to:


“A classy vibe with packaging to match.” (On the natural contours IDEAL)

-Adult Novelty Business


“This exerciser radiates sensuality. One of many beautiful products from natural contours, the ENERGIÉ has a simple design, with a great look and feel……The ENERGIÉ will certainly energize you…. is great for personal use, but would also make a cool gift. It makes you remember to do these simple and practical exercises, and doubles as a lovely sex toy. And, perhaps for the first time, you’ll find yourself looking forward to a daily workout.”

The Sex Herald
For the complete review, go to:


"I have been traveling all over the country carrying your natural contours vibrators and recommending them to women. I also LOVE your vaginal exerciser (the ENERGIÉ)--so much more comfortable and easier to use."

-Dr. Hilda Hutcherson
Assistant Professor of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology at Columbia University and author of What Your Mother Never Told You About S-e-x


"It might just be the beginning of a beautiful relationship". (On the natural contours' LIBERTÉ)

-Ronnie Koenig
AM New York


"The LIBERTÉ will definitely make our top ten list of the year's best sex toys. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, the LIBERTE rates 4 briquettes."

Quote used by permission of Talk Sex Productions, Inc.

-Sue Johanson
the Oxygen Network


"You know the old expression, if you don't use it, you lose it. Well, that applies to women as well as men. Here's the newest and the best. It is called Énergie Kegel Exerciser"… "The Énergie is just what you need to complete your exercise program and your sex life."

Quote used by permission of Talk Sex Productions, Inc.

-Sue Johanson
the Oxygen Network


"Joy buzzers" that are "cute and non-threatening"… a "fab gift for your gal".

February '05 "V-Day Invasion" gift guide


"(The Magnifique) doesn’t really look like a vibrator, so it's good for travel- and shy people".

-Laura Berman, Ph.D.
Women’s Health, Feb/March ’05


"Ideal vibrators for the gal who wants a toy that doesn’t look like a conventional sex toy"… "Airport security will be left scratching their heads."



"This pretty gem updates another one of our favorite friends - "the pocket rocket" - into a sleek, modern form designed by a woman who knows her business" (On the natural contours JOLIE)



"...the new natural contours vibrators are a long-overdue alternative to those hard-plastic phallic knockoffs that currently glut the sex-toy market."



"...tiny, sleek purse-worthy models shaped like a cell phone."

-Glamour Magazine


"Of course, it would take a woman to build a better vibrator.."



"I love your vibrators, they are so quiet that I have no problem using them when my roommate is home!!!"

-Jayme Waxman, Author, “Getting Off: A Woman's Guide to Masturbation”, & director of "Personal Touch" Video Series for Adam and Eve Pictures.


"Because of the wide base, those who suffer from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome will find the Superbe easy to hold."

- Mystique BlackVenus.net


Diana Wiley"As a Board-Certified Sex Therapist and as Gerontologist, I believe an orgasm a day keeps the Doctor away! Sex is good for our health. Many women report that masturbation perks up the sex drive-creating a delicious cycle. She becomes more sexually responsive as a result of frequent, enthusiastic sexual activity, alone or with a partner. Why? All the activity boost hormone levels, especially testosterone and estrogen.

Hormone-raising sexual explorations-including self-pleasuring- are that much more pleasurable with natural contours. When traveling, the elegant design of these massagers gives the owners more privacy - (i.e., they do not scream "sex toy"!). Can she then pamper and de-stress herself with selfloving orgasms? Absolutely!

natural contours massagers can also be positioned sensuously and conveniently between two people as they make love. Or, Magnifique can be inserted vaginally (use a water-based lube) while either Petite or Superbe vibrate the clitoris. Yes, it gives a substantial, bliss buzz - but it can make a good "O" great! While the massagers are "massaging," a partner with an active erotic imagination can explore other parts of his lover's body. Using massage oil - with fingertips using light, constant, very slow strokes - he can journey along her body from head to toe. OooOOOH!

What I know for sure, both personally and clinically, is that we women must keep our vaginal muscles healthy. USE IT OR LOSE IT! Doing Kegels is amazingly enhanced and made more efficient by using the ÉNERGIE Kegel Exerciser.

Yes, natural contours are intimate products I highly recommend!"

-Diana Wiley, PH.D.



Libido Magazine"Gently molded. Sexy curves. Fits in my hand perfectly. Flicks on with a well-placed switch. Gentle, with a light buzz that becomes a moderate purr in the deluxe incarnation. So what is this lovely? Why it¹s the natural contours vibrator, one in a series recently developed by Candida Royalle. They come in three sizes: 4-inch Petite, 5-inch Superbe and 8-inch Magnifique. The quality of the construction is clearly above average, and the price range ( about $25-$45 retail) reflects this. They are attractively packaged, and batteries are included.

These vibrators will appeal to men and women who have never used a vibrator, as well as to those who are put off by the look of battery-operated vibes. The Petite and Superbe are great for women who need just a little extra, consistent clitoral stimulation, and for men who enjoy mild vibrations on their penis and perineum. The comfy hand-fit makes them easy to use for either partner or solo play. Folks with carpal tunnel syndrome will find these more comfortable to use than many other styles.

The quality of the vibrations is primarily a buzz, except for the top end of the Magnifique, which delivers a stronger, wider throb. The vibrators are perfectly designed for stimulation of the vulva and clitoris, something many women will appreciate.

Our female customers are particularly drawn to the Magnifique. If you enjoy penetration by two or more fingers when you're aroused, you'll love vaginal penetration by the vibrating end of the Magnifique. Once you own her, you are not likely to ever own another of the ubiquitous, rocket-shaped slimline vibrations. The Magnifique also appeals to anyone who likes maximum intensity. It's certainly not as strong as a plug-in-the-wall vibe, but for those who like the intensity of vibes like the Pocket Rocket, it¹s a lovely choice.

The Magnifique is my favorite of this trio. At the shop, we find ourselves recommending her to anyone buying a vibrator for the first time, for themselves or a friend, when price is not a big factor. The shape and construction is good, and the overall sensations are quiet pleasing.

We're happy to see natural contours' introduction, as it shows some creativity in the vibrator market. As men and women continue to find new ways to play with vibrators, Candida Royalle's imaginative innovations add a welcome dimension. I'd love to see more vibes as lovely as the sensual Magnifique, with stronger vibrations. I hope Candida will continue experimenting with these great shapes and make vibes that challenge the stereotypical phallic vibrators.

If you enjoy exploring and playing with a toy that feels great in your hand and on your clit (or penis, etc.), consider adding one of the natural contours to your repertoire. They're lovely playmates and worth inviting into your home."

-Ellen Barnard -- From Libido Magazine


"natural contours are a wonderful and timely contribution to women's sexuality. The hundreds of women I speak with each month clamor for a discreet and engaging forms for sexual enhancement (especially, for self-pleasuring)... Women today deserve to have products for their sexual pleasure that are a delight to see, feel and use... I cannot imagine a more inventive and personable line of vibrators than the artful collection that Candida Royalle has created. Once again, Candida breaks the code for liberating women's eroticism ­safely, tastefully and with pizazz !!! "

-Dr. Patti Britton, Nationally board-certified Clinical Sexologist (L.A.-based) and recognized expert on cyber-sex advise at http://www.drpattibritton.com/ and for http://www.ivillage.com/ The Woman Network, one of the outstanding sites for woman¹s issues on the web


"(The natural contours vibrators) are absolutely the best ones I've seen on the market. The packaging is wonderfully feminine and the vibes are to die for. Everyone on staff loved them and are asking for their very own."

-Leesa Barnes, Founder, blackvenus.net.


"I had good results with the new natural contours vibrator. This is a wonderful product. The packaging touts it as 'designed in Europe'(not by uptight puritanical Americans!) and 'ergonomically engineered,' so important for those trying to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. It is practically silent, with three distinct speeds. Its unique, elegant modern shape seems to encourage experimentation – I wasn’t sure exactly how it was designed to be held but it wasn’t difficult to achieve, er, success. Another bonus to this product: If there’s a chance airport security will be waving your vibrator around, this is the one you’d choose. 'Um, that’s my neck rest.'"

-Salon.Com -- Sex Toys on Review


"This month I picked one of my all-time favorites-the Ultime Vibrator by natural contours-which is a toy that belongs in every girl’s box! Yea, I know it looks a little different than most. What with that funny curve, it hardly even looks like a vibrator at all. (Of course, that’s a good thing for all of us frequent-flying career women, especially when our luggage gets searched!) But, oh Lordy, the little Ultime packs a serious punch! This cute, little, blue vibe was designed by a woman, and, no offense guys, but I think it’s about time. She totally knew what she was doing when she came up with this one because the little Ultime tickles a gal in all the right places, both inside and out. I knew the very first time I took the curvy little vibe out of the package that it was special. Sleek and smooth, it was so quiet when I turned it on that it seemed to purr in my hand like a satisfied pussy-cat, which is exactly how I feel after I used it!"

-Tessa L, Tess's Toy Box


Mystique"I have never been so eager to write a review until I tested the natural contours line of vibrators. Created by Candida Royalle, famous for her internationally-acclaimed Femme line of erotica from a woman's point of view, natural contours are ergonomically engineered to fit the unique curves of a woman's body. Now what does that mean - ergonomically engineered? Think of a typical vibrator. You hold it in your hand, reach beyond your vagina and then point the vibe towards your clit or vulva. Often, you have to adjust your arm and twist your hand upward into an awkward position just to get the right angle. God forbid if it takes you longer than normal to cum. Your arm just may fall asleep (it happened to me once). Due to its unique design, the natural contours vibes leave your hand, arm and shoulder in a relaxed position. natural contours are curved to sit on your pubic bone and are cleverly angled to reach toward your vagina. I found that using natural contours made my self-loving experience more intimate as my arm stayed close to my body in a natural position. Outside of the engineering, natural contours has become my favourite line of vibes for two other reasons. First, I can be a bit more discreet with my the natural contours vibes since they look like common household items, such as a computer mouse and cordless phone handset. But what struck me the most was the packaging. I noticed right away that there were no images of horny looking women standing with their legs spread apart. The innovative packaging is one that is elegant and feminine, something that really speaks to me as a woman. The vibes are made out of high grade plastic and come with a set of instructions which show you how to insert the batteries. You'll find that the vibration in all five are quite strong, and due to the design, I would highly recommend them for use with your partner."

-Mystique, BlackVenus.net