About natural contours®


In 1996 a team of experts in the fields of industrial design and sexual health came together to address the needs of women who were dissatisfied with the lack of intimate personal massagers on the market that encompassed taste and discretion.


Working with Groet Design Associates, Dutch Industrial Designers of electronics, home appliances and health and sports products ranging from Panasonic and Ricoh to the Fokker Aircraft cockpit, our team created a line of personal massagers that are: TASTEFUL, ELEGANT, DESCREET, STYLISH & ERGONOMIC.


natural contours® “designer vibes”, made of the highest quality materials and uniquely designed to ergonomically fit the contours of a woman’s body delivered in cosmetic style packaging.


As sales of intimate products have grown at unprecedented rates and women have become more sexually empowered to incorporate massagers into their lives, the natural contours® team has continued to develop original unique ergonomic designs. Venues catering to women that previously were cautious to carry sexual health products have had the foresight to take a chance. To quote a respected leader in the gift market industry, The natural contours® line is ….“a cleaver solution for a ‘must have’ in elegant packaging that retailers can sell.”

natural contours® has now become synonymous with entry into mainstream sexual health as both catalogs and stores are more readily recognizing this highly sought after personal care product.


natural contours® continues to be an influential trendsetter and has a number of new innovative products in development as it expands its reach into the domestic and international personal care marketplace.

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